Our Process

Our Process

We keep things simple and take great pride in what we do.

Moviko is based in Hamilton, New Zealand. We are a duo with the combined skills of web design, web developing and graphic design. We are passionate about user friendly, functional design. We work with businesses of all sizes across many industries. Whether you are a startup or a larger company, we will work with you to meet your needs.

lightbulb your idea

Your idea

Every business, company or organisation has it's own unique values and meaning. You'll have ideas and visions that you want to make known to your audience. At Moviko, we have worked with a range of different industries, so you know you can trust us. Once you've contacted us, we can start the process.

discovery and research

Discovery and Research

To discuss your ideas, we can meet face-to-face, or chat by phone or email. We will collaborate with you on how to best get your message across to your audience. We'll get to know your business, who your clients are, and who your current competitors are. This process enables us to build a unique, thorough proposal for your project.

lightbulb your idea

Estimate and plan

Depending on your target market and needs, we'll suggest the best approach for your project. We don't just look at now, we also think about your future and what will work for you. We'll combine an estimate and approach into a proposal, which is sent to you for approval. Once you have approved the proposal we move on to the next step of the process.



Detailed designs for your project will be created to illustrate the look and feel, turning your ideas into a visual product. At this time, we will meet with you again to discuss the design in detail and get your feedback. After any necessary alterations or revisions, and once you have approved the design, we will start the next step of the process.



This is when your idea really starts to take form. You will be kept updated throughout our development process. We work in two-week cycles called 'sprints'. We develop your project in a test environment, where you can view and provide feedback, until the project reaches the all important final stage.

hosting hot air balloon


We will test the result thoroughly to ensure quality and security. Once you have approved the final result, we will deploy your finished project to a production environment, making it visible to the world. Don't worry, this doesn't mean you are on your own. If you choose hosting through us, we'll be there to provide ongoing support for your live project. You're all done – your finished project is now live!

ongoing support

Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support and maintenance with our hosting. This includes backups, uptime monitoring, and general maintenance of the server. We know how exciting it can be to start something new, so we will be right there beside you as your project grows!

Let's chat

Let's get together and discuss your ideas over a cuppa!

We're based in Hamilton, and travel throughout the Waikato. But by no means are limited to our location! We work with clients all over New Zealand.

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