Web Design

Branding and theming

Yes, you want your website to look amazing. On-brand colours, photos, typography and illustrations all need to represent your organisation.

It’s important for visitors to recognise your brand and values while they’re on any page of your website. We like to add special touches, such as subtle animations to keep your visitor interested. This can be as simple as an element changing colour when you hover over. We design and create attractive websites to connect to your audience.

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User experience design

There is more to a website than looking great. The user needs to know where to click, scroll, how to get in contact or fulfil the goal or purpose of your website. We make sure your website is easy to follow and navigate. We test this thoroughly, asking different users opinions and of course your opinion.

Responsive web design

A large number of your website users will visit your website on their smartphone or tablet.

We put a huge focus on creating websites that are responsive across all major screens and devices. Here a few ways we make a website responsive:

  • What you see on a desktop screen will stack nicely on a tablet or smartphone screen.
  • Increasing text size on smartphones and tablets to ensure readability.
  • Increasing button size for smartphones so they are easy to click.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

In short, amazing content will help your website SEO. While we don’t pretend to be Copywriters, we know what we’re doing with the technical side of content on the web. Some things we focus on are:

  • Design responsively: Google views your website from mobile perspective over the desktop perspective.
  • Keyword research: there are so many amazing tools available. One of our favourites is Google Trends here we can find top keywords relative to New Zealand. Using the keyword research we can help optimise your URLs, meta titles, and descriptions to suit your organisation.
  • 301 redirects: if you’re building a new website we can redirect all your old website links to your new website links to ensure no users get lost. Google recognises 301 redirects, meaning this can help you maintain existing SEO ranking.
  • Sitemaps: these are built for Google’s robots, seriously. We submit these to Google to help Google figure out how the website is structured.
  • 404 page: maybe you deleted a page and it’s still listed somewhere on the web. A 404 page will help this issue. Instead of having an ugly error page, we will design a friendly page apologising for the page no longer being available and kindly remind the user to head back to your homepage.
  • Alt tags: This is text to describe an image on your website, this is a fallback in case the images breaks or disappears.
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics won’t directly improve your site, but we can gather information on how visitors are using your site and try to improve future experiences.

The above points are elements of your website that can improve organic SEO. Organic SEO means it’s free. We can always fast-track your SEO using Google Adwords which is a paid service. Flick us an email if you’d like to find out more about Google Adwords.

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