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Brochure sites

A Brochure website is the digital version of a printed brochure.

It provides important information such as contact details and opening hours. People are curious, and they will google you first. A well-designed brochure website is a great tool. It promotes your organisation to existing and new users.


E-commerce platforms give you all the tools to manage your products, orders and customers while offering reporting, marketing and order fulfilment.

The main goal of an e-commerce store is conversion, that is, getting a customer to purchase items from your store. We will suggest an appropriate e-commerce platform, such as WooCommerce or Shopify based on your specific needs.

Custom functionality

Sometimes you need your website to talk to another system, to make your life easier by not double-handling data or for automation purposes. A good example is sending an order directly to Xero (Accounting Software) from your e-commerce website. Another example is the collection of email addresses for your email list. We can create signup forms or pop-up forms that sync email address to platforms such as MailChimp.


A Content Management System (CMS) is a platform to build a website on.

It has features that make your life easier such as easy-to-use content editors, image uploaders and the ability to add on functionality using plugins. Plugins are packages of code that add new functionality to your website. A CMS makes it easy to organise all the content on your website and make changes without any coding knowledge.


There are many fantastic CMS options available, but the problem with most of them is the learning curve required to use them is significant.

That leads to website owners never attempting to learn and manage their website for fear of messing something up. We use WordPress because it gives our clients peace of mind that using and updating content on their website will be an easy and streamlined experience. We have a curated list of plugins that we use for our clients covering things such as SEO, Social media integration and fancy image sliders.

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Web Framework

A web framework is at a lower level than a CMS, it provides functionality but in code form.

It will still need a web developer to wire it all together. The advantages of this approach are that the application can have increased/specific functionality, for example, submitting a contact form that automatically syncs to a calendar.


Laravel is one of the most highly used, open-source modern web framework that enables developers to create customised websites quickly and easily.

It allows for rapid development by providing the basics, so instead of spending time on repetitive code, we can spend more time on creating your unique website! We will recommend the use of Laravel over other solutions when there are very specific requirements that would take a lot of time to customise with other systems. Sometimes it’s easier to start from scratch and build exactly what you need.

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