Cloudflare makes your website faster & safer.


Cloudflare protects the website owners and their visitors from all types of online threats and website attacks.


Cloudflare dramatically improves website performance, loading time and reduces server usage.


With over 35% market share, Cloudflare runs the largest, fastest, and most reliable managed DNS service in the world.

What is it?

Cloudflare is an intelligent global network working hard to speed up and secure the web.

CloudFlare protects and accelerates any website online. Once a website is a part of the CloudFlare community, its web traffic is routed through CloudFlares' intelligent global network. Delivery of web pages are optimised so visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance. Threats are blocked and abusive bots and crawlers are limited, saving bandwidth and server resources.

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Cloudflare global network


CloudFlare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network). With plenty of data centers around the world, you can rest easy knowing that your website will be loaded from servers as close to your customer as possible. This speeds up your site’s loading time ensuring your visitors will be happier and more likely to continue browsing your site. With data centers located all over the world your website really is hosted everywhere!

Cloudflare security diagram


Noticing a spike in security threats and attacks lately? CloudFlare keeps track of potential threats and blocks them before they get to your site. Whether it be spammers, denial of service (DOS) attacks, or suspicious bots, CloudFlare’s got your back. They use their large database of information to determine who’s a threat, and you can even choose IP addresses to block.

Who uses it?

Why we use it

A highly intelligent network with many features

CloudFlare-powered websites see a significant improvement in performance and a decrease in spam and other attacks. We use Cloudflare because it gives our clients peace-of-mind that their website will be protected, secure and fast.

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