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WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.


WordPress offers an easy way to manage all of your website’s content without having to know any code.


Plugins are add-ons to WordPress that can add additional features and functionality as needed.


28% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.

What is it?

Wordpress is a highly functional piece of software.

WordPress is a Content Management System or CMS, which is an interface used to draft, publish, and edit the content on your site.

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Content management

WordPress offers an easy way to manage all of your website’s content without having to know any code, and doesn’t require any separate software or technical ability. Static pages, blog posts, media galleries, videos, resources, frequently asked questions, testimonials, web links, and more are easy to add, update, and manage through the WordPress dashboard. If you can create a word document, you can manage a WordPress site.

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Ease of use

With just a short tutorial, even the most technologically illiterate person can update and manage their business website in minutes. The amount of documentation and online tutorials for WordPress is immense, so you’re only a Google search away from finding an easy answer to any WP question. The built in WYSIWYG editor allows ease of use and management. There is also an HTML editor for those who want to get a little crazy with their updates:)

Who uses it?

Search Engine Optimisation

WordPress is the most out-of-the box search engine friendly software around. Once set up and quality content has been added, many sites begin ranking within days, if not sooner. There are many built-in options that can increase the “Google juice” even more.

Built in blogging

Since WordPress was originally created as a self-publishing blogging platform, it is by far the best option to use for business blogging. Not only can you have business specific static pages, but the built-in blog allows the ability for dynamic blog posts to be created instantly.

Mobile friendly

Many traditional websites don’t render that well on mobile devices, but WordPress comes with support for a seamless mobile experience.

Why we use it

A tool for simple website editing with a small learning curve

Now, there are many fantastic CMS options available, but the problem with most of them is the learning curve required to use them is significant. That leads to website owners never even attempting to learn and manage their website for fear of messing something up. We use WordPress because it gives our clients peace of mind that using and updating content on their website will be an easy and streamlined experience.

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